Creating art while travelling


My plan was to stay in Bangladesh for a month and make something from scratch. As a result of conducting fieldwork on site and searching for problems, materials, and tools, a rechargeable lighting device was created that can be attached to a rickshaw (a three-wheeled human powered taxi)

1. Dhaka Gristan Bus Terminal
2. Working space (Hotel 350 TK / a day)
3. Experiment
4. Immediate junk parts store which opens every Friday
5. China-made rechargeable LED light (150 TK) purchased on the street
6. LED lights. Purchased at a junk parts store (10 TK)
7. Cut LEDs into pats
8. Connect the LEDs by soldering. Attach 75 LEDs, 31 on the front and back of the roof, 5 on the left and right, and 3 for the headlights.
9. Finished product

Picasa: Photos of Dhaka and rural Bangladesh